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Cole, Vanessa and sublime sketcheteer Paul Scheer ("Human Giant," "The League") talk Conan's return, Yo Gabba Gabba, Sexy Beast scenery-chewing, working with Jack McBrayer, getting fired from Meet Dave, Hot Air Balloon Cops, Cameron Diaz spoiling The Box at Comic-Con, catch phrases, Children's Hospital, the new Tron, Respecto Montalbon, Weird Al's In 3D, Titus Welliver's [...]
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Cole, Vanessa and amazing actor and Aaron Sorkin-regular Joshua Malina ("Sports Night," "The West Wing") talk the new Crackle series Backwash, Bulworth, Sorkin walk n' talks, pranking Bradley Whitford, Knights of Badassdom, poker, Sarah Silverman, the Broadway Bowling League, Modern Family, Mondogate, remaking Three Amigos, pebble skin, "going a different way with it," Jon Hamm, [...]
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Cole, Vanessa, and charming character actor Alan Ruck ("Ferris Bueller's Day Off," "Spin City") talk Twister, Trekkers, learning to ride a horse, Gene Saks, My Favorite Year, Willow Smith, Jan De Bont, Barry Bostwick's sandwich, tiny Katharine Hepburn, Alan's iconic Red Wings jersey, The Grey Fox, Justified, The Expendables vs. Sex and the City, and [...]
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