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Cole, Vanessa, and hilarious scene-stealer Joe Lo Truglio ("The State," "Role Models") talk the upcoming Simon Pegg/Nick Frost flick Paul, landlord Tim Gunn, the new Piranha movie, My Dinner With Andre 3D, Spaghetti with Fried Bumblebees, Lifetime Television, Marley and Me, Queens of Country, Hankiefest, interest alleys, The State sketch CD, Sssssss, the 3-cent coin, [...]

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Cole, Vanessa and our favorite mad scientist Frank Conniff (TV's Frank from "Mystery Science Theater 3000″) talk Glamour's 50 Sexiest Men, cat people, The Expendables, the Minneapolis stand-up scene, Albert Brooks, The Rockford Files reboot, the early days of MST3K, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Kim Cattrall, spaceship rides, the writing process, Robert Pattinson's hairy wrists, [...]

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Cole, Vanessa and original "Not Ready For Primetime Player" Laraine Newman ("Saturday Night Live," "Metalocalypse") talk Lilo's jail sentence, the real Bob Vila, the world of voiceover, Katherine Hepburn impressions, french horn-playing handymen, rebellious teenagers, the early days of SNL, Fozzie Bear, sexual attraction to juniper trees, The Groundlings, eternal coolots, and Vanessa's perceived poor [...]
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