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Cole, Vanessa and the dynamic musical comedy duo Garfunkel & Oates (Riki Lindhome & Kate Micucci) talk vanity plates, Odyssey of the Mind, blue snowsuits, the White House Correspondents Dinner, Famous Food, Bristol Palin's face work, The Olive Garden, the premiere of PMC Thunderdome, Glee duets, ABC's old school TGIF, the Just the Ten of [...]
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Cole, Vanessa and the hilarious Thomas Lennon ("The State," "Reno 911!") talk The Royal Wedding, Beefaroni, The X-Files, the firefly from The Princess and the Frog, texts from Zac Efron, the Black Eyed Peas, Morrissey vs. Kerouac, Medium Head Group, Ren Faire, Rollerhounds, call-in guests, accidental fingerings, Prince Charles' infamous quote, Franzia, and memories of [...]
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Cole, Vanessa and the wryly funny Brice Beckham (Wesley from "Mr. Belvedere") talk the San Diego Chicken, Lady GaGa vs. Weird Al, Game of Thrones, Robert Goulet, debunking Belvedere myths, Brocktune, Drama 3/4 Productions, Dune characters, humorless Prince, being too dark for Spike & Mike, unusual musicals, pranking the Pres, Leon Redbone, molestisodes, and the [...]
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Cole, Vanessa and the lovely and hilarious Casey Wilson ("Saturday Night Live," "Happy Endings") talk Real Housewives, Stella Adler, Jacob Lusk's man-in-the-mirror statement, karaoke, meeting Lorne Michaels, The Governator cartoon, baby filmmakers, cowboys vs. ballplayers, the musical Cats, accents, stage moms, extreme Idol contestants, Russell Brand overload, and Vanessa and Casey's bonding moment over one [...]
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Cole, Vanessa and four terrific cast members from the beloved series "Freaks & Geeks"-Samm Levine (Neil Schweiber), Sarah Hagan (Millie Kentner), Natasha Melnick (Cindy Sanders), and Steve Bannos (Mr. Kowchevski) talk American Idol, fireplace wasps, tailoring emergencies, Jennifer Hudson's Oscar, the Black Swanstroversy, The Missing Bus episode, James Franco's insane behavior, sideshow freaks vs. math [...]

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Cole, Vanessa and some of the outstanding cast of The Thrilling Adventure Hour-writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, and actors Marc Evan Jackson ("Funny or Die Presents..."), Colin Hanks ("The Good Guys") and James Urbaniak ("The Venture Bros.")-talk insensitive Twittering, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Real Housewives, Drones, KWOD 106.5, The Bachelor, Racehorses vs [...]
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Cole, Vanessa and the hosts of The Longshot Podcast (Sean Conroy, Eddie Pepitone, Jamie Flam and Amber Kenny) talk the Robocop statue, Rebecca Gayheart "trivia," Celebrity Apprentice, Death Metal, LA moments, Jon Cryer, Jose Canseco impressions, monkey sex, Celine Dion, putting Gary Busey in charge of anything, personal-space-invading Leonardo DiCaprio, new Broadway musicals and Eddie's [...]
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Cole, Vanessa and cinema's quintessential nerd Eddie Deezen ("Grease," "Midnight Madness") talk Robert Zemeckis, motion-capture technology, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Diablo Cody, Spielberg's 1941, Wendy Jo Sperber, Critters 2, playing a bully in Laserblast, the Marx Brothers, Star Trek or cuisine, time-traveling with The Beatles, Warner Brothers vs. Disney cartoons, Stephen Furst, Cameron Diaz [...]

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Cole, Vanessa and funny, friendly giant Steve Agee ("The Sarah Silverman Program") talk the Oscars, Justin Beiber in 3D, retro iPhone apps, Manpile vs. Goober, progressive rock and fantasy novels, Lindsay Lohan's impending jail sentence, Degrassi, bubble skin, a fantasy new Tony Danza sitcom, Rascal Flatts, Banksy's takeover of Los Angeles, Arcade Fire, Lady GaGa's [...]
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Cole, Vanessa and writer/director/stand-up extraordinaire Bobcat Goldthwait ("World's Greatest Dad," "Police Academy 2-4″) talk Snapped, phoning it in, Tarzan vs. Cheetah, Black Eyed Peas, The Kinks, montages, Bozo the clown, the difference between hobos and bums, Perez Hilton, Grover and Elmo, Clooney for a day, re-enacting, being tongue-tied around Elvis Costello, peaceful gun ranges, and [...]

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