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Legendary Voice Actors Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs), Maurice LaMarche (Futurama), Tara Strong (Powerpuff Girls), Cree Summer (Tiny Toon Adventures) and Phil LaMarr (Samurai Jack) join Cole and Vanessa for a LIVE show at the RIOT LA Comedy Festival! They chat about Oh Sit!, The Emmys, first voice acting gigs, finding character voices, and more, with vocal appearances by Pinky, The Brain, Foxxy Love, Bubbles Powerpuff, William Shatner, Kif Kroker, Carl Wheezer, Elmyra Duff, Columbo, Timmy Turner, Hermes Conrad, "Alan Rickman," and many many more!

Leave your answer to the firsts question (the first impression you ever did, and if it was any good) on our website for a chance to win a PMC Live poster signed by Rob, Maurice, Tara, Cree and Phil!

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